We Send Sample Order To All Serious Clients Read Before Contacting Us.

  1. We send sample just to dealers not small consumers that want just few grams to sniff and bullshit with us 

  2. If you know you a time waster do not contact us for sample order and we have to know you really a dealer and you have to prove to us that you can move 100 of grams before sample will be send to your address 

  3. Contact us via Wickr , Signal Or Text to talk business we here for serious deals only , please if you know you just here to play around do not contact us as we want just serious business people to message us 

  4. We repeat we do not send sample to small consumers we send sample just for client ready to move 100g and above if you know  you have been looking to do business for a very long time we here ready to start a channel worldwide