Cocaine and Crack Symptoms of Abuse

Cocaine and Crack Symptoms of Abuse.

The diagnostic category that the American Psychiatric Association (APA) uses to categorize individuals who abuse cocaine and suffer ill effects is a stimulant use disorder. In general, a substance use disorder refers to both issues with abusing a drug and developing an addiction to the drug. These issues occur on a continuum, and the term substance use disorder is now applied by APA to recognize that substance abuse and addiction are related issues that are not easily separated.
Whether one uses crack cocaine or powdered cocaine, the development of a substance use disorder occurs when the individual suffers negative and distressing effects from using the drug, has issues with controlling their use of the drug, and continues using the drug in spite of these negative ramifications. There are no formal medical tests that can diagnose a substance use disorder, and the formal diagnosis can only be made by a licensed mental health clinician.
Clinicians closely evaluate the person’s behavior and the effects of their behavior, and then determine whether or not the individual is suffering from a formal substance use disorder.
Generally, those who are suffering from a stimulant use disorder exhibit similar symptoms.

Symptoms of a stimulant use disorder include:

The person frequently uses the drug in greater amounts or for greater periods of time than they originally intended to use it.
The person continues to use the drug even though they want to stop using it or attempt to cut down on their use.
The person continues to use the drug in spite of their drug use resulting in negative issues in life, such as troubles in their relationships with others, problems at work or in school, etc.
The person continues to spend a lot of time trying to get the drug, using the drug, and/or recovering from use.
Even though the person recognizes that their use of cocaine is causing them physical or emotional harm, they continue to use the drug.
The person gives up a number of important activities in favor of their drug use or as a result of their drug use.

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